The Journey Begins

Thank You for joining me!

On this new journey of blogging. I have been a blogger for a few years now but I am still new to this whole WordPress thing. But I do hope to make friends on here as well as try to post as often as possible.

This is my first post.

So I will try to tell you a bit more about myself.

First of all my name is Dawn I am 29 years old currently. And I live in Wisconsin, USA and I have never really been anywhere other than out of town never out of state or out of the country.

I am on a fixed income since I am disabled and I do shop a lot at discount stores and second-hand stores and I also search for clearance stuff in the store and get free stuff online as well.

So as a word of warning I will be posting content for products I get for free online or for a discount online as well.

But I will also be writing about deals I find instore from places like Walmart and dollar tree and even some places like local second-hand shops.

I do try to post often on my other blog so I will be also able to post often on here as well.

I hope to make friends with other WordPress bloggers as well as the viewer of this blog.